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Channabasappa Gowda
#1836, Anchor Way
San Jose
CA - 95132
Phone: 408-263-6971

Secure a challenging, responsive, technical position in networking and/or telecommunication software design and development division.

Executive summary:
Six years of software industry experience, of which four years in design and development and two years in only development.
Worked as a technical lead engineer for three years.      Worked Domains: Design methods:
        Object Oriented Design using UML, Design patters


Detailed professional summary:

VeriSmart Server :
Organization   : Hewlett Packard
    Working with VeriFone Inc., part of  HP, since 1997, engaged in designing and developing  of  “Smart card application server”. Designed a frame work to host the applications on the server and a communication framework to interface the “appliance” with the “Smart card application server”.  Smart card application server is a general- purpose application server developed completely in JAVA.

Organization  : VeriFone India Limited,  Wind Tunnel Road
                       Murgeshpalya,  Bangalore, 560 017, INDIA.
Duration         :  Feb. ‘97 to July  ‘97
SYSTEM       :  WindowsNT, VC++ 4.2
    Componentization  of Message Parser and Route  (MAR) is a MSCOM component that receives the messages and from various communication modules in a communication system and analyzes the messages of different  formats and routes the message to the designated process with-in the communication system.  The communication system comprises of distributed systems. In short the whole communication  system depends on Empress ability to distinguish different message formats designed for it.

Organization   : Tektronix.
Duration         : Oct. ‘96 to Jan. ‘97
SYSTEM       : WindowsNT,  VC++ 4.2
     Net Vision project has three modules, the video player program, the Data Reception and Data Control(DRDC) and the Decoder Control(DC). Net Vision can take video from four different sources: local file, http, multicast, and the video database. Based on the source the DRDC will fetch the video and passes it on to the DC, hence DRDC is responsible for presenting  timely data to the DC. This involves the conversion of stream data into file form, the reason  for this conversion is - most of the low-level driver will understand only the file format. Ramdisk is used for storing the data in the form of file.

    The DC is an user mode driver for the MCI interface of Windows. This interprets  the user commands, which are  from the player application into appropriate MCI messages and passes them on to the low level driver.  The DC communicates with both the DRDC and the low-level driver.

    Have implemented the DC and DRDC modules. DC has two threads one for the communication with the DRDC and the  main thread performs the actual function of handling all the MCI messages.  The DRDC has two threads one for the communication with the ram disk and the  main thread that controls the data and the timing of DRDC.

Organization  : Tektronix India, Tek Tower, Hayes Road,
                       Bangalore 560 025, INDIA.
Duration        : Jan. 96 to Sept. ‘96
SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT : Pentium, Windows95, VC++ 4.0, Source Safe, Bug Track and MS-Test
    Fiber Master Trace Analysis Package (FMTAP) is a Windows based utility on IBM-PC, used to analyze and display waveforms acquired by OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflactometer). FiberMaster displays elements, including the waveform, distance and loss axis, and the distance and loss cursors.

    FMTAP has two main modules, the documentation and the analysis module. The analysis module uses a set of scientific algorithms to simulate the OTDR's display panel on the computer's display. As a project leader, I started with the system study and completed the whole system design. I implemented the documentation module. This module takes the date from a file and presents it in the form of three different views. And the same module performs the function of printing and the print previewing. A set of options is provided for the user to select the page layout and the contents. The documentation module communicates with both the printer driver and the Windows print manager. Batch printing is one the best feature of the utility.  The MFC’s document-view architecture is used  in the documentation module. This is a product of Tektronix, USA

Organization  : BFL software, 5/3, II Floor, Gopalakrishna  Complex,
                       Residency Road Cross,  Bangalore - 560 025. INDIA.
Duration        : Sept.95 to Dec. ‘95
SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT: PC-486, Windows3.11, VC++ 1.52 and LANzyer.
    Kranky, a network device driver-testing tool developed for Compaq Computers Corporation USA. It comprises of a DLL and the GUI. Kranky uses a dump network card with only Tx and Rx logic for transmitting and receiving the network packets. The DLL is responsible for the transmission and reception of the packets and thus it makes the card intelligent. The GUI has a series of dialogs to select the desired network protocol headers. Kranky supports various protocols like TCP/IP, SPX/IPX, NCP, Vines IP. At the ether level it supports the IEEE  packets 802.1, 802.2 and 802.3. Kranky gives the capability of editing any fields in the header including the CRC. As project leader I completed  the system study and the design of both the DLL and the GUI.  The DLL, which communicates between the dump board and the GUI, was developed by me.

Organization  : BFL Software Ltd.
Duration        : April. ‘95 to Aug.'95
    Power manager makes the laptop computers battery power last for a long time. It provides a series of customizable settings to reduce the power consumption. This project has two parts an application which provides the user a friendly GUI to set  different power setting options. The main features are cutting off the power to a peripheral like HDD and Monitor whichever is ideal for quite some time, the user can specify the this ideal time. The other options are to set the LCD contrast and speaker volume control. The best feature provided is the automatic ON/ OFF of the system itself.

    The second part is a driver, which is used by the application to access the system BIOS. The extended BIOS of the laptop holds the current status of the battery. The main function of the driver is to read the battery status and to set the power saving options in the BIOS. As software engineer trainee I involved in the overall system design. And the design and development of driver was completely done by me alone. The Power manager was for Toshiba America Information systems, Inc. USA

Organization  : BFL Software Ltd.
Duration        : Aug. ‘93 to Dec‘93
    Net-Server is real-time application on WindowsNT server. This application makes use of NT features like Sockets and Threads. Net-Server receives data from the stock exchange through the COM port. A thread was sponged to check the COM port status and to transfer the newly arrived data to  the intermediate buffer. This buffer was read by the other threads to transmit the data to the designated client. The thread priority changes dynamically on the basis of the received data.

    As a programmer I have developed the code for reading the COM port and  the creation and handling of the threads used for date transmission.

Organization  : Global Computers, BH Road, Thumkur, Bnagalore.
Duration        : Jan. ‘92 to July‘93
    The building planner develops construction plans for buildings. It provides facilities to view the building in different elevations, zooming a portion of the building. This application makes use of the wire-frame model for drawing.